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Welcome to the uprising of Steamed Cambridge!

Brooklyn Bagel Factory

We use the very best New York style hand rolled & water boiled Bagels, but for us the bagel is just
the start of a sandwich like nothing you have had before.


About Us

We AreTastyHealthy

We AreTastyHealthy

We pride ourselves for being Cambridge residents and bringing you the best of Bagel sandwiches, Coffee and Bakes .
We are a family owned business and are proud in partnering with local suppliers in the area.

This isn’t your ole’ plain bagel and cream cheese' kind of shop. At BBF, we believe the world’s best sandwiches let off steam. Steamers packed with fresh, delicious ingredients melted together into an explosion of flavor.


Special Recipes

Taste Of Precious

Choose from our tested and tried Steamed bagel sandwiches made from an extensive list of local fresh meats, cheeses, spreads, veggies, fruits, sauces, jams, jellies on water boiled & freshly baked Brooklyn bagels. Each mouthwatering bite will bring you a new experience.



Our Experience

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